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How CDx Technology Works

Scientific Advances which Allow You to Provide Your Best Medicine to Every Screening and Surveillance Patient

Better Collection

CDx Technology - Mosaic_Comparison_Alt

The WATS3D biopsy instrument allows the clinician use a continuous up-down motion to sample a wider area of the esophagus. The entire circumference of the esophagus can be sampled if necessary. Like a forceps biopsy, the proprietary WATS3D brush instrument simultaneously collects a transepithelial, full thickness biopsy specimen of the epithelium down to the lamina propria

More Thorough Analysis

CDx Technology - Layers-EDF-Processing

The GI pathologist is now aided by a neural network based and advanced imaging system originally developed for missile defense and with patented EDF (Extended Depth of Field) processing that scans 3-dimensionally, uniquely allowing the pathologist to detect in all layers of an uncut specimen.

The system then brings the 200 most suspicious cells and cell clusters from each patient to the attention of the pathologist. These advances allow for increased accuracy in the early detection of precancerous esophageal disease.